Imagine a world where you can see tomorrow, today? Where you can take a glimpse of what your future apartment will look like, both internally and externally from the comfort of your own home. Imagine if you could stand on a virtual balcony and experience your apartments view. Imagine being able to visit your apartments  location and being able to see it built before your eyes, even before a single brick is laid… ARTi makes all of this possible, and much much more!

Some of our key features in the ARTi Augmented & Virtual Reality platform includes:

3D Interactive Modeling:

This feature allows clients to explore a development from every angle in a level of detail never seen before on a mobile or hand held device. Clients simply navigate the zoom feature with their fingers that allows them to spin the development around to view from alternate angles and zoom in on features for more details.

Virtual Reality Tour of your Project (HHVR):

This feature allows clients to take a 360-degree ‘hand held’ virtual reality (HHVR) experience inside the internal areas of the develop, direct from their mobile phone or hand held device. A person can spin around on the spot to view a project in VR and touch ‘action points’ that will all a client to zoom through the internal spaces to to new areas to review and explore.

Onsite Augmented Reality Feature (1:1AR):

Our ‘Onsite AR’ is one of the leading AR experiences in the industry and allows clients to stand and view the proposed site through their smart phone or tablet and the development will augmented (appear) in front of them at a 1:1 scale to give an actual representation of what the development will look like when its delivered.

Clients then can click on the building and be delivered custom content whilst they are standing in front of it.

Marketing Augmented Reality Feature:

Printed material will never be the same when your developments marketing brochures, Newspaper adverts and flyers are ‘ARTi Activated’. Built into the ARTi app, you simply point your smart phone or tablet at a piece of marketing material (this could be the cover of your marketing booklet, plans of the development, Newspaper adverts or a DL Flyer) and the development will load in Augmented Reality ready for you to view.

Your brochure will literally come to life delivering rich digital content well after they are printed.

Photo Gallery for Marketing Material:

ARTi doesn’t replace traditional media like your brochures or websites, ARTi has included the ability for developers to stream their marketing material via an interactive slide brochure allowing clients to view information about the development in a traditional booklet format.

Contact us or on-line survey section:

Built into the ARTi platform is an exclusive lead form that will deliver leads via email and SMS to your sales team. All leads are delivered in real time and the form is fully customisable for the clients developments.